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Thinking net proceeds?
We can relate.

As commercial brokers, we put our focus on larger deals. The reason we do this is simple. It allows us to invest more resources into to the sale process than would otherwise be possible by a ‘one size fits all’ marketing program at a firm with broad and expansive services. What does this mean to you? It means that rather than a brokerage’s marketing dollars being spent in a broadcast or shotgun fashion in order to build their brand, we invest that same money into marketing and employing the precise talent that is required to market, negotiate, and close your deal.

What is your company doing to get the most out of its single largest selling cost?

The strategy and tactics we employ ensure that every qualified investor will have a deep understanding of your property. In lieu of a blast e-mail and a large commission invoice, we have developed an ethos that supports our guarantee that clients get the resources that will yield them the highest exposure and depth of understanding by the appropriate prospective investors while buttressing their need for confidentiality.

Not only are we familiar with the best in class domestic investors, as commercial brokers we are consistently monitoring and introducing ourselves to new foreign investors.

Want the resources that your sale deserves? We can relate.

If you are considering divesting yourself of an asset in the next 6 months consult the commercial brokers at Stronghold.

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